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Indo Dreaming

I saw Castro die. A week later, the postcards started. One a month - Indonesian Breaks, steep peaks over sharp coral. All signed: Castro.


Goog's best mate Castro vanished into the Southern Ocean, but his body was never found. So Goog flies north, chasing the ghost of his dead friend. He hooks up with Niagara - a young American hunting his own illusions - and together they set off on a wild, gritty, surf odyssey. But are they actually at the mercy of an unseen puppet master, and what will they find in the surreal shadow-lands of Indonesia?


From the author of Rhino Chasers, Indo Dreaming is a vivid and enigmatic novel for anyone who has the spirit of travel wedged in their soul.

Grant's ability to take the reader into the wild and foreign Indonesia is a delight.
 Ben Beaton (Australian Bookseller and Publisher)

Shortlisted: Queensland Premier's Award 2005

Shortlisted: Melbourne Prize Best Writing Award 2006

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