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Rhino Chasers

School's out, but Goog is about to learn three new Rs - relationships, responsibility and revenge - as he and Castro go barreling across the country in Aldo's old Kingswood. Sharks the size of trucks, a sinister hitchhiker, campervan tourists, neo-Nazis, wild-haired surf fiends - three guys can get into a lot of trouble covering four thousand kilometres of coastline.

Grant's vivid description of surfing action is awesome; likewise his ability to describe changing landscapes in a few strokes… The best surfing novel since Kem Nunn's Dogs of Winter.
Mike Shuttleworth (Australian Bookseller and Publisher)

I thought this was a great book and especially liked the way the characters related to each other, in terms of the language they use - the imagery was fantastic and I would urge everyone, 16 years and older to race out and buy a copy.
— Riannon Leonarder, Year 11 (Illawarra Mercury)

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